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Project Experience (to date)

aiRoute (on App Store) – iOS native app that randomly generates a running route in your area and provides turn-by-turn map and voice navigation

aiFood (on App Store) – iOS native app that automates macro-counting and meal preparation with custom made API

Quizkly (in Beta)- Full-stack React + Django web app that auto-generates quizzes from any corpus of text

KnowledgeTree (on GitHub) – Console C++ and Python application that builds a high-to-low level concept tree from scraping Wikipedia pages with NLP techniques

Synaptics ML Internship – Deploying an end-to-end video object detection pipeline for detecting logos on Synaptics VSR 371 system-on-chip (click link below)

Coming Soon

aiFriend – Website that generates reports (in R Markdown) analyzing and visualizing Messenger conversations (sample report) (code)

GoodNews  – Machine learning project that predicts news article virality and popularity using its content and metadata (written report) (code)

Longer summaries

(Each synopsis is divided into categories that I think best delivers the logical flow of the project, not necessarily chronological or rigid in format.)



MealApp (API of aiFood)



Synaptics Internship

I also have a strong math background, and am intending to major in math at Stanford. I wanted to limit my resume to be short and only of interest to recruiters of software opportunities I’m pursuing for summer 2019, so I didn’t elaborate much on my math background. If you’re interested to learn more of my academic history, read my about page.