Recruiters, you’ve come to the right place. This is where I showcase my projects.

If you’re looking for my LinkedIn, or GitHub (reach out to my email msun415@stanford.edu for access), you’ll be redirected.

Since I began my side hustle summer 2018, I learned software development by sketching on a whiteboard, scripting in Jupyter Notebook, and finally, designing and implementing an end-to-end application. To date, here are the ones I have/am built/building:

aiRoute – iOS app that randomly generates a running route in your area and provides turn-by-turn voice navigation

aiFood – iOS app that automates macro-counting and meal preparation

Quizkly – Full-stack web app that auto-generates flashcards from any corpus of text, currently being user tested by graduate students at Stanford

KnowledgeTree – [Soon to come]

I’m more than happy to respond to any questions, thoughts, feedback, or have an in-depth conversation during an interview.

Long summaries (please reach out for password as they contain a lot of technical jargon):