A Linear Algebra Analogy

I got destroyed by my LinAlg midterm – didn’t study. On the positive note, here’s a new way I discovered that helped me understand the Rank-Nullity Theorem, which states for a linear transformation , We can rewrite this as: Imagine we are at a party, and is a mapping of boys to girls. The basis […]

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Science vs. Engineering

I believe the world’s first trillionaire will be a scientist. Bill Gates encourages potential opportunity-seekers to study science. Mark Cuban believes the world’s first trillionaire will be whoever masters artificial intelligence (a stronger version of my claim). Why? First off, a big shout out to the app Dictate, the new voice to text app I’m […]

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Diary Entry #0

At first I was a bit reluctant to start a diary on this site – as I wanted to keep the content productive and personal details minimal. However, part of me has felt uneasy ever since I stopped becoming active on my old blog on AoPS. It was only recently did I realize the importance […]

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Calculate Your Worth

One of the biggest epiphanies in my life that forever lifted me from the curses of everyday life was that I will not base my worth on what any one person thinks about me, because there’re more objective ways to measure one’s worth. That being said, I think it’s important this message is delivered because […]

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Why the Underdog Wins

At the top of a water park slide, you bristle with fear, despite clear knowledge that the slide having been operational for years without an accident. During plane rides, you may recall once feeling anxious during take off and landing which may hardly be remedied by someone telling you that the chance of accident is […]

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