Emptied Cup

3 exams crushed, a poster and a report down, with 1 final exam on Friday to go before this quarter is a wrap.

Now I can feel the abyss slowly coming back to me to settle the void left by the absence of my 4 weekly psets and 5 courses that count for my major.

Isn’t this what society is? A provider (and enforcer) of pleasurable distractions to fill the dread within people’s hearts that may otherwise manifest itself into a challenge of its status quo? Few people may seem to share this outlook on society, but that may only be because they’re too far out indoctrinated to rethink that outlook. College is like the final haven for free thinkers, and even so everyone around me seem completely eager to adopt the pleasurable diversions of these four years aimed towards removing the last of their minds’ malleability.

By the way, I want to write a lot more this winter break and upcoming quarter – this quarter has really disconnected me from my streams of consciousness that have only been coming to me lately when I’m biking back to my dorm to catch some sleep at dawn.

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