How a traumatizing relationship led me to Andrew Yang

Just recently, I finally came out of PTSD over the traumatizing end of a relationship with a sociopath. To summarize my PTSD tenure: I was suicidal for a month, had severe heart palpitations (almost took an MRI), high blood pressure, migraines, not to mention rebuilt my entire worldview from scratch, Descartes style. 

Looking back to before it all started and what led us to each other, we empathized over that we both spent most of our childhoods without supervision and in our own heads, feeling like outsiders in a competitive society that optimizes for money, with morals just getting in the way. She now works in the Chinese video game industry, which is notorious for corrupting the dopamine channels of children/teenagers for rocketing profit. I figured that was the source of her degeneracy into a helpless dopamine-addict herself, since after the breakup she betrayed all promises she made to me and whored her body out to guys at her college. I expended all my strength just to not fall into moral degeneracy like her, but nonetheless was running on fumes, until I heard of Andrew Yang. 

I’m a fierce devotee to his ideas because I believe from first-hand experience children shouldn’t have to feel existential pain over the mistakes of their parents. The demon inside my ex isn’t her own creation, but the product of a causal chain of bad decisions, from the nation’s leaders to her own parents’. She is the walking epitome for everything wrong with our society. As I avenge my own dignity, I want to avenge that of our current/future generations’, too.

What this society needs is not fixes — taxes, immigration & gun laws, etc. — but a humanity revolution in response to the fundamental seismic shift — automation, and Yang is the only candidate who wants to lead the charge. I can’t fathom watching my own child having to compete against machines just for a place in society.

Are you ready for the revolution?

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