Last year on this day, June 22, I signed a relationship pact with a devil reincarnate into my autobiography, which I announced publicly on social media with the quote, “Earmark this date into my autobiography”. As thus, I have become a sinner, and I repent.

Since then, I have experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows of my life thus far and that I’d like to think a person can possibly experience. I have been traumatized, destroyed, but ultimately am reborn with wisdom and strength I never imagine I would have gotten otherwise.

On this same day this year, I sign into effect a new pact with myself: I will protect an ideal I now know is truly worth protecting. Even if no one thinks the same. Even if I have to do it all alone. To do so requires becoming stronger than anyone has ever thought conceivable of me. The ideal is a rite of passage that I think needs to be made by everyone in modern society. It might require a revolution. It might be impossible, but I will do it.

Look forward to my next two posts:

Self-understanding: when one reaches the end of morality

Utopia: when every one reaches self-understanding

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