On Crazy People and The Study Room

At Stanford there’s a 24/7 Study Room that I go to after everywhere else closes. Often times when I leave at around 4 AM, I always see another guy there, still grinding (or vice-versa). He finally introduced himself to me a few days ago, and hilariously we have a lot in common – are freshman, both from Southeast Asia, thinking CS-AI, lives in the same dorm complex, etc.

I jokingly told him last night as we were leaving that we should start keeping track the other night owls in that room, i.e. “the crazy ones”, and form a club to support each others’ ambitions.

Running a startup has been described by employees (as described by employees on Quora) as similar to running a “cult” (DeepMind, Palantir, etc.)

I think it’s pretty straightforward – you will get nowhere being crazy alone, but if you can also convince a group of people to be crazy with you, that’s when you know you’ve found your co-founders.

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