AI Alignment: Our Power as God

If we define free-will to be the ability to alter a predetermined course of fate, the somewhat-consensus in the scientific community is we don’t have free will. The logic goes like this. Essentially, we accept that: Each subsequent action we take is the result of the current wiring of our present brain. It’s well-known each […]

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Learning Revolution

Experts have said the singularity, the inevitable time when AI outsmarts humans, is pinpointed at around 2040 to 2045. On the other hand, hybrid thinking (when we merge brain and machine) will be available in around 20 years. (20 years sound optimistic, considering the engineering challenges and the bandwidth problem. Plus, issues of scaling, cost, […]

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Commercializing Education

Imagine yourselves as a swim instructor, given the task of providing the highest quality instruction to a group of students. You’re also sharing the pool with many other instructors, who have to convince parents that their method of instruction is the best, so there is market competition on which your revenue is dependent on. The […]

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The Root of All Problems

Scarcity refers to resources and desires. The simple fact that there is less in store than our desire drives us to make choices and compete. Competition, I believe, is at best contradictory in nature. On one hand, we’re pushed to move out of our comfort zone in fear of falling behind, which we perceive is […]

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