I don’t really like talking about myself; half of me lives in the future. You may be curious of the source behind these posts, so a brief introduction for purposes of readership credibility is in order.


Update April: I’ve committed to Stanford University, Class of 2022. I intend to study Symbolic Systems and Mathematics.

In high school (not including senior year), I

  • Was awarded a Second Place Grand Award in Mathematics Category at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
  • Co-authored a paper on the Metric Dimension for Planar Graphs, readable here: [1704.04066] Bounds on metric dimension for families of planar graphs
  • Scored 14 on the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad
  • Ranked top 30 in American Invitational Mathematics Examination
  • Achieved Distinguished Honor Rolls in AMC 12 and AMC 10
  • Attended Ross Mathematics Camp at Ohio State University ‘17
  • Attended AwesomeMath twice and completed most of its XYZ press curriculum
  • Completed the entire Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) curriculum
  • Posted 1300+ times on the AoPS forums, made 200+ blog entries

As you can see, I studied math, a lot. Apart from connecting with and learning from a global community of folks much smarter than me, studying math has taught me to think about issues rigorously and become more precise in communicating ideas.


  • Hobbies: Reading, Fitness, Rapping, Writing, Basketball

Top 3

  • Websites: YouTube, Quora, Futurism
  • Books: Superintelligence, Brave New World, David and Goliath
  • TV Shows: Black Mirror, Silicon Valley, Shark Tank
  • Role Models: Kobe Bryant, G-Dragon, all the big name entrepreneurs
  • Companies: Tesla, OpenAI, Neuralink
  • Modern Thinkers: Nick Bostrom, Sam Harris, Peter Thiel
  • Philosophers: Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli
  • Ideas: Determinism, Loss Aversion, First Principles

Black & White

The title of this blog stems from the duality of the present and future in my mind. Sometimes, I wake up from a vivid dream of an event that may realistically happen in the short-term future that I confuse it as something that already happened. Occasionally, I get visions of the long-term future, too, though they’re vaguer. Thus, I assign blackness to the infinite future (which is 100% logical uncertain) and whiteness to the present (which is 100% logically certain). Any time in the finite future falls somewhere on this black-white spectrum, and the closer said time approaches, the whiter it gets. Moreover, I believe it’s possible to accelerate this process by learning, analyzing, and predicting trends: the bridge between the present and future. I believe even a tiny effort to do so could be hugely beneficial in the long term: just try to bid a value amongst investors on more accurate forecasts about the stock market.

Writing is also a highly beneficial activity because it:

  1. Helps make tangible ideas that arise in my unconsciousness, and
  2. Allows the sharing of insights with others.

I also constantly feel lonely, so I like to think and write to escape from sulking over my emotions.


I see myself as an agent sent in to improve the system that is our world.

I believe this begins by acquiring a thorough relevant knowledge base, identifying evolving trends, using it to predict future needs of society, and instituting solutions to those needs. The way I do this is by maintaining an adaptable model of the future, weighted by my personal values and potential impact on it, then using it to drive my actions.

As of present knowledge, two areas most logical for me to invest my time in are the development of Artificial General Intelligence and Neurotechnology. The associated problems thereof that are most in need of solving are AI alignment and brain-machine interface bandwidth. I have a somewhat-detailed agenda to how I plan to do so; unfortunately, it’s not of my interest to share it publicly.

Though most of my efforts go into writing about the fields I want to get involved in, I’m also adept at identifying inefficiencies in any “system”. This could be anything from the educational system to relationships; if I feel it’s a system relevant to the readers and one which I believe can be improved, I will write about it as well.