Monsters and Demons


^ a visualization of my demonic ex

Just now, a high school friend expressed to me his disgust of his campus’s hookup culture after listening to a talk at his school titled “Stinky Freshmen”. I got that parental feeling (with no idea where it’s coming from) when your kid realizes how babies are actually made, that they don’t actually come from storks, and you’re like, “kid… you have a long way to go”. I guess he still expected a reaction from me, but my reaction ended up being a few paragraphs long, and guess what that calls for? A blog post!

Me: I think there’s three layers to this

Me: The first kind, the mildest, is someone who has very base motivations, i.e. very hedonistic and pleasure driven. They hook up to make themselves happy, without thinking too much.

Me: I shun the fact how low their dignity is, but I can’t really hate them as they’re the product of their environment and upbringing.

Me: The second kind are people who are aware being sluts is subject to judgement and prejudice in our society, and so are very undercover in their hooking up and slutting out, doing their best to maintain the best public impression, and have manipulative, deceptive, and sociopathic tendencies that can hurt others. There’s quite a lot of those in elite schools imo. I consider the more serious of them “monsters”.

Me: The third kind, the “demons”, are creatures so scary, dangerous, and inhuman, that shouldn’t exist in our society. They’re those who not only may exhibit many of the characteristics of the second kind, but they view themselves in a fundamentally different way, which allows them to hurt their intimate ones in the cruelest way. They see themselves as normal people if not as angels, even when their actions are that as monsters. They eat up their own lies and have the capacity to embody the contradiction between their self-perception and actions. They adopt the victim’s mindset to justify themselves, and can continue to hurt, betray, and lie to others, all the while believing they’re helping them, or doing good.

Me: For example, a demon may hook up with 15 guys a month, telling each of them how precious they are to her, and how much she wants to make them feel better, and how she wants to be intimate only with him. Yet, as they one by one find out the disturbing truth that she’s simultaneously hooking up with 14 other guys a month and accuse her of unfaithfulness, she victimizes herself, saying she had “no choice” but to give in to the desires of guy1, guy2, etc. and that all she wanted was to give back to people who she appreciates. Worse, she may deny it altogether, and lie how it’s only x other guys, where x is the number of guys she has been exposed hooking up with. She justifies this white lie to herself by thinking it’s for the good of everyone if this truth is not uncovered.

Me: Such people exist, and the reason they’re the most dangerous of them all, is because you never know who around you is one. One day, the girl you’ve planned out the rest of your life with may turn out to be one.


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