The wisdom you’re about to read comes from the mind of a person who has suffered the cumulative trauma of an average’s person life many times over, and who has the mental age of a death bed patient.


If every human action is driven at the core by emotion, and all emotions are determined out of evolutionary pressure to avoid death, then every human action that ever occurred was done in the perspective of death.

Mankind then suffers because it tries to resolve the contradiction between the finite (the body) and the infinite (the mind).

Because suffering stems from our inability to resolve the contradiction between the finite and infinite, there’s only two ways to be happy – neglect the infinite and live for your body like an animal hooked onto dopamine (i.e. my demonic ex) or neglect the finite and live for your mind (i.e. me).

…and once you accept death and welcome it on you any second, you’ll no longer be pained by your inability to resolve the contradiction as you no longer have to worry about the finite.

…which means, freedom!

As people grow old and their bodies deteriorate, the more futile they see the finite, and the more they’ll learn to live for peace of mind. That’s why older people become happier. Once you’re on your death bed, you lose both your body and mind, so the contradiction is resolved vacuously which is why I hypothesize a person’s happiest moment in life is the last.

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